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1st Sustainable Salon
in Co. Kildare

We are Co. Kildare’s first sustainable salon, providing a delightful retreat championing sustainability.

Offering the nourishing OB-1 hair experience, whilst leaving a minimal footprint on the planet, we are dedicated to achieving beautiful hair for all clients and on a thriving planet.

With no planet B, OB-1 is committed to being part of the solution, transforming our place and people to better serve our precious planet.

We add €2 to all services to assist in the costs.




Through our partnership with Green Salon Collective, OB-1 proudly sends ZERO waste to landfill, instead transforming all waste into something new, creating meaningful wins for our planet.

Making the salon a healthier space for staff and clients to experience, OB-1 is harnessing plant power with an indoor plant wall, helping to purify the air and offering the perfect backdrop to celebrate our clients’ transformations.


Sustainability is just as much about people. OB-1 empowers its team by working with a life coach and by transforming staff work/life balance, ensuring we look out for our minds, each other, and our planet.

OB-1 seeks to harness the powerful connection between stylists and clients to unite and lead the sustainable conversation within hair beauty.

This is a mission which OB-1 invites everyone to join.

Our current initiatives:

Reduce paper - 91 magazines on ipads & email or text receipts

LED lighting, Renewable energy supplier

Recycle Hair to make hair booms to clean up oil spillages / used as garden fertiliser (hair is rich in nitrogen)

Biodegradable towels

Waste chemicals get converted into clean energy

PPE does not go to landfill, it gets recycled

Encourage the use of plant based milk

Profits made from recycled metal 100% goes to charity

Plastic gets cleaned & converted into pellets & used to make something new

To encourage everyone to do better when is comes to Sustainability

The list goes on & on & as we learn more, the list will get even longer ......

Call us on 016293900 for any queries or to book an appointment

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