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Curly Coily
Curly Coily
Curly Coily


We know the importance of getting your curl right, style/length/colour. We want you to enjoy your curl. Trained by a International Multi-Textured Hair Expert, we understand that you may be wary & we know that shape is very important to you as is how to manage your curl at home. That is why we invite all 1st time clients to a consultation, where we discuss your Hair Goals & Dreams & make a Curl Journey Plan for you.

OB-1 Curly Clinic - 1st Consultation

This consists of a 30 minute consultation, your Creative will work on a hair plan with you in which you will detail your hair wishes, goals & dreams & your concerns. You will be advised on what is achieveable and draw up a maintenance plan & homecare regime so that you can get the best out of your Curly/Coily/Textured hair . Common concerns will be addressed: Scalp care, hair breakage, dandruff, hair loss & whatever else bothers you.

The consultation fee is €50 which will be redeemed off the cutting/styling service .


We would ask that you would be open minded, work with us and be honest . By having as much information and direction as possible it allows us to get the best out of our session and your hair .

Call us on 016293900 for any queries or to book an appointment

CURLY COILY TEXTURED SERVICE from €160 approx 2-3hrs

Anti Build Up Cleanse / Hydrating Cleanse / Moisturise / Treatment / Style with heat

Curly Clinic-1st Time Clients (after Consultation)
Bespoke Consultation, styling advise with product education & tips on how to get the best from your curls at home. Followed by the Curly Coily Textured Service.


Please leave 2-3 hours for your appointment unless otherwise advised in your consultation.
Prices will vary according to hair length, density & current condition.
Homecare products offer- Buy 3 products & get 3rd one 1/2 price


Curly Clinic-Return Client
Please leave 1.5 - 2 hrs for this appointment
Returning Clients – if your visit has been less than 6mths & you have followed the agreed rountine & use of products previously prescribed in your appointment. If you do not follow the instructions it is possible that there will be extra charges due to extra time required.


Before all appointments
Wash your hair, do not use any styling product or oils, leave your curl in its natural state please.
Don't arrive with your hair wet/in a ponytail/bun/braid/grip or any manufactured curls, if you arrive with your hair unclean or knotty there will be an extra charge as it will take longer for us to ensure your hair is in a condition that we can work with. If you do not wish to travel to your appointment with your hair down, please tie in a loose ponytail. Remember it is essential to arrive with your hair completely detangled & free of knots.

CUT CLEANSE & STYLE from €180 approx 2.5-3hrs

Anti Build Up Cleanse / Hydrating Cleanse / Moisturise / Treatment / Cut (wet/dry) Style with heat

Please allow 2.5-3 hours for this appointment, unless advised otherwise in your prior consultation .
Arrive to the salon with yout hair natural -ie no products and just freshly washed .
Your stylist will then proceed with your appointment – Your stylist will decide whether to cut it in shape before washing or dry it straight before cutting depending on the desired look /style , this will be discussed at your initial consultation .
We cut curls – curl by curl on dry & wet hair
Your Creative will also explain to you different methods of maintaining your hair & the benefits of our homecare range as well as showing you how to apply & work the products & give you a personalised homecare plan .

Homecare products offer- Buy 3 products & get 3rd one 1/2 price

Prices will vary according to length, density & condition, you will be quoted at initial consultation .

Treatment Options

Hot Oil – suitable for all types of hair
OB-1 Cocktail Intense Repair-for very porous hair that needs hydration & moisture
Moisture Repair – does what it says on the tin
Protein Treat – this is for hair that needs protein
ProLonger – Botox for dry thinning hair
K18 with Colour/Stand alone

Kerastraight – Price at Consultation

Do you like to wear your hair straight/find it hard to manage your hair, then Kerastraight is for you – it is not a chemical straightner, it softens & strengthens your hair & reduces frizz whilst making it more manageable – there are 2 options – 1mth / 4mth

COLOUR MENU – quotation at consultation

Cosmic – all over colour – richen your colour or cover greys

Maintenance – retouch of previous colour & gloss the ends
Both include Bespoke Consultation, Style & Product Recommendations – explaining how to maintain healthy curly coloured hair.


Freehand / Highlights
Includes Bespoke Hand Painted Renew Me/Highlights, Personalised gloss toning & Style with Product Recommendations– explaining how to maintain healthy curly coloured hair.


A Consultation will determine the amount of colouring and blonding that can be accomplished in a sitting. A Hair plan will be discussed & booked for you to achieve your Hair Goals & Dreams. The integirity of your hair is always our first concern.

We would ask you to be openminded, work with us & be honest. All questions are welcome & this is a partnership between us for you to love your hair & embrace your Curl.

WASH & GO from €120 – approx 1.5-2hrs

Anti Build Up Cleanse / Hydrating Cleanse / Moisturise / Treatment / Style without heat
3a-4b Curl


Homecare product offer- Buy 3 products & get 3rd one 1/2 price

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