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Hair Extensions

Spectrum One is the biggest supplier of professional hair extensions. All spectrum hair extensions are made with 100% real hair. At OB-1 Hair, we are proud to stock the Spectrum One range of products and use both the Tapes and I-Tip extensions. Whatever length, colour, or style you’re after, our expert stylists can make it happen. We only use the very best application techniques and tools to ensure that your extensions last for as long as possible. You’ll leave the OB-1 Hair salon with a head of thick and luscious new locks.

Spectrum One Hair has been ethically sourced from the most trusted suppliers around the globe.

Its quality is unbeaten. It is all Remy (all cuticles are kept intact & going in the one direction) hand picked hair, double drawn (same thickness at the top as at the bottom) and must pass rigorous quality control checks, which is why many celebrities choose Spectrum One Hair Extensions.

OB-1 Hair supplies two options - tapes & itips.

The colour range is extensive and lengths vary from 16" to 24".

Book a free 15 minute consultation & check these stunning hair extensions out for yourself. They can last up to 9 mths with the correct care, meaning a few refits & great value, whilst looking stunning with either longer/thicker hair. Refit between 8-12 weeks.

The colour names are enticing in themselves - Bronde Ash, Midnight Secret, Caramel Delux, Butterscotch, Spiced Brunette, Havana Dusk, Bora Bora Blonde & Bronzed Bae and many others.

Prices start at €195 - 1 pkt itips 14" (30 pcs per pack) supplied & fitted

€215 - 1 pkt tapes 16" (16 pcs per pack) supplied & fitted

Call us on 019036558 for any queries or to book an appointment